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FAA Part 107 Certified and Fully Insured
Based in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire



It is an exciting time for aerial photography. The drone market has exploded, providing many solutions for professionals and hobbyists alike. The benefit to the real estate market, among others, is powerful. Did you know that, according to MLS statistics, homes being sold with the help of aerial imagery are selling 68% faster than homes without? That is significant. Even when the speed of the sale isn't of concern, aerial photography and videography give a potential buyer a far better sense of the property than ground-based imagery alone, which piques more interest and helps keep the sale value high. 

The construction industry has seen many benefits as well. Mapping, photogrammetry (creating 3D models using hundreds of pictures), thermal imagery, and many other tools that used to be prohibitively expensive are now within reach for smaller construction companies. These same companies can also benefit greatly from aerial imagery. Photos and videos can be used for remote site inspections, advertisement, even gifts to clients. If you've never seen an aerial time-lapse video of a home or business being built, you're missing out. Its quite satisfying and interesting to watch!


Oh yeah, and drones are just plain cool, too. Book your shoot with Altitude 603 today!

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